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Delsym® has a full line of cough medicine products for adults. Our 12 hour cough relief products are great for day and night use, come in orange and grape flavors, and provide long-lasting cough relief with every dose.

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Need a little extra help alleviating chest congestion symptoms, too? Delsym® Cough + Chest Congestion DM Liquid works to quiet your cough and thin and loosen chest congestion. This multi-symptom relief formula helps get you back to your routine fast.

Delsym® No Mess Vapor Roll-On Cough Relief is medicated topical relief that works great for the whole family for ages 2 and above to alleviate cough, as well as minor muscle and joint aches and pains. Made with menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil, it comforts and soothes while providing both day and night time cough relief.

When you want to effectively relieve the impulse to cough, reach for Delsym® Maximum Strength Cough Suppressant Caplets. These fast-release caplets last up to 8 hours day or night so you can spend your time focusing on other things.